Our Consultation Service
Fitness for Work, Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures

Progressive Diagnostics provide a consultancy service including a project planning, implementation, evaluation and management service. Our service is designed to meet individual company needs.

We have considerable experience in the development and provision of Drugs of Abuse education, specimen collection training and related services which are available to companies of all sizes. We tailor the materials and approach to the particular policy requirements, objectives and desired culture of each organisation.

The key to the success of a program is to foster the understanding, support and cooperation of all company employees.  On that basis, Progressive Diagnostics seeks to help companies establish these programs in a manner that is sensible, efficient and that reflects safety and health, logistics and employee relations needs.

The best way for an organisation to identify and control the issues related to Fitness for Work and more specifically, the risk of alcohol and other drug impairment is to implement policies and procedures that ensure employees are physically and mentally fit to competently perform tasks in a manner that is safe for themselves and others.

Progressive Diagnostics can provide either a support and advisory role or hands-on implementation service depending on your own resources and requirements.

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