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Providing education sessions as part of the onsite drug and alcohol program can play a vital role towards acceptance of the drug and alcohol testing policy at all levels of the business.

Education sessions provide managers, supervisors and employees with the opportunity to learn about the collection and testing process, provides assurances about their rights, obligations and any other matters related to privacy and confidentiality.

Employers are required to provide a healthy and safe working environment and to identify and manage hazards in the workplace as part of the requirements of workplace Health and Safety laws.

A component of that responsibility is to ensure, as far as practicable, employees are not suffering from any impairment and are capable of working safely.

There are a number of factors that may give rise to impairment, these may include stress, lack of sleep, family issues and the use of alcohol and other drugs – either therapeutic or recreational drugs.

Performance impairment in the workplace needs to be managed as it can have detrimental and possibly fatal outcomes, as well as wider effects on business performance.

Educating all employees in an organisation is an important part of a workplace alcohol and other drug policy.

A workplace response to alcohol and other drug-related issues will be successful to the degree it is able to change attitudes and behaviour concerning alcohol and other drug use. This requires an education strategy.

Drug awareness education strategies enhance the acceptance and effectiveness of the policy. They ensure employees become aware of policy requirements, raise awareness of the health and safety implications of alcohol and other drug use and promote acceptance of prevention procedures.

Educating employees is a critical part of policy implementation as it encourages employee acceptance of the policy;  provides information on how the policies and procedures operats and reinforces the importance of addressing alcohol and drug-related harm in the workplace.



The education session runs for approximately 1 hour.



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Drug Awareness Education

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